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Why should I go with Property Management Pros NYC?

Property Management Pros NYC should be your number one choice when it comes to property management in New York for a number of reasons. With a combined experience of over 4 decades in the Real Estate market, we have provided assistance to literally hundreds of homeowners whom, after not being able to sell their house, thought that they did not have a chance.

We have the knowledge of how to get you the highest rates that the current market will allow. We also deliver to each of our clients, extraordinary advertising materials to guarantee the fastest turnaround time, with the highest rate, for their rental property. Using high-quality videos, and high-resolution photographs of your home, and advertising on the finest real estate web sites, we are able to achieve the highest possible income for your property.

Will it take a while to get my property rented?

Well, it does depend on your home’s condition, the price you want per month, and of course, the local market. However, by using our Un-Matched advertising techniques, we can produce quality tenants in about a month’s time, sometimes in as short as a few weeks or even days! When we have a good candidate (your property) we can move it quickly, and on a lower budget than any other property management company in the area.

What tools do you use to find the rate to rent my property at?

With our finger on the pulse of the market and our specialization in single-family homes and condos, we have an upper hand in determining a rental rate for your home. We use our in-house private data in combination with driving the neighborhood, using the rental rates of previous properties in the area, and the specific details that are unique to your property, to devise a rate that will attract tenants in a month or less.

Is there a standard way that you show my property?

We will not be giving out any keys to your property. Where other management companies often give the lockbox code or keys to tenants, we reserve the use of your property’s key to our skilled leasing agents who will show your home to only pre-qualified tenants.

I want to be assured that the person renting my home is trustworthy

You can rest assured that we will place only the most trustworthy tenants in your home. We use top of the line software that will run a credit report, conduct a background check, review employment history, rental history, and check local and national sexual offender databases and produce a report. We carefully sort each of these reports and select the tenant that is the most qualified to meet you and your property’s high standards.

How will I be receiving my rent money?

Rent is due on or before the 1st of every month, and tenants know this. We collect your income in a timely manner and post it to your account. We then send out to owners a detailed summary report, that will be mailed along with a proceed to check on the 23-25th of each month.

Are you able to keep the maintenance costs down?

Because we have an in house maintenance division with expert vendors, capable of taking care of any number of issues that may occur at your property, you will receive quality work at a fraction of the going price. For even more control we offer a home warranty through globe home warranty protection.

Will the tenants you find care for my home?

Although there will always be a risk that the new tenants will not care for your home the way that you would, we take pride in our scrutiny in selecting tenants and your house will not normally have any damages past the standard wear & tear.

Is it ok if my house is left partially furnished?

The current market does not have a place for furnished rentals.

Who will care for the lawn at my property?

Tenants typically handle all lawn care and maintenance. We do offer full landscape services to you or tenant as an option.

When I move out, should I cancel my utilities?

Not at all. In fact, you should leave the utilities as they are until the new tenants have moved in and transferred the utilities to their name. When you terminate the utility services, you run the risk of damaging plumbing, appliances, and other necessary functions. Also, transferring names on the account is a lot less work than turning the services back on as a “new” service, and less work means a happier tenant, and less hassle for you.

Should we move out of the home, or can we start the renting process while we still live here?

The house should be vacant and rent ready as soon as the renting process begins. According to statistics, a clean, open home allows buyers to tour the house without delay and imagine the house being filled with their own things. This also allows for a quick turn around if the buyers/renters decide to move in right away.

Should I keep my homeowner’s insurance, or does the insurance become the responsibility of the new tenant?

Actually, since your tenants are not homeowners, they are not able to carry homeowners insurance. However, we do require that all tenants have renters insurance. This covers their personal belongings, but it is your responsibility to continue carrying homeowners’ insurance to protect your home. You should get in touch with your insurance agent to discuss the fact that you are renting the house to make sure that you and your home are protected.

If I am planning on moving in the next month or two, when should I start the process?

It would be a smart plan to start the process today. Waiting until the last minute has never helped anyone; you want to be sure to have the best possible outcome for your home’s tenant prospects and rental rates.

How do you compare with other agents renting out homes?

There are too many agents and brokerages that lack the property management experience that we have, and they certainly do not specialize in the renting of single-family homes and condos. It is also important to realize that they may not be insured to manage properties.

Now that I am prepared to begin the process, what will this cost me?

Property Management Pros NYC has reasonable charges and a supremely inclusive package. Including the initial evaluation, photographs, video, professional ad, delivery of that ad to over 40 websites, viewings, renter pre-screening, and document provision, our leasing fee is equivalent to the first month’s rent. Although other brokerages and property management agents can charge more than 8-10% of your monthly rental fee, every month, our management fee is only $79 per month!

What are any additional other costs to begin?

Homeowners will be asked to fund you $500.00 for your use as a reserve account towards any periodic or projected costs connected to your home, for example, an unexpected loss of the hot water heater, or comparable events.

What happens if I choose to sell my New York home?

With our Hybrid Real Estate System, we can market your home for rent, rent to own, land contract, sale, or another option that you prefer, all synchronously. That way we can provide the quickest achievable solution for your current real estate market.

Tell me how I can get started!

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